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Hazel Cresswell-King


  • Released and healed childhood sexual abuse and was able to forgive her abuser

  • 45 years of sleep issues gone

  • Her physical outward appearance changed over night in her whole body including her face and stomach, as well as her voice and even tongue

  • Thoughts of doubt and anxiety gone

  • Fully loves and accepts her body now

  • Received downloads about her soul purpose

  • Started eating more consciously

  • Manifested things for herself, her family and business

  • No longer affected by others negative comments

  • Can easily and calmly deal with the lows of life when they happen now

  • Deep sense of peace and empowerment



“Thank you” is not enough so I hope my words and recollection of my journey with this amazing workshop will help and inspire others to accept, acknowledge and see themselves; to know that they truly can work through their fears and trust as they are held in this container.


When I first heard about this workshop I felt pulled it do it but didn’t really know why.


The first session was incredibly humbling as we all sat and held space as each and everyone of us shared our stories and why we felt we were there. I instantly felt comfortable with this group of women and most importantly safe and held.  


At the end of the first session we undertook an exercise to help let out all our anger, I still didn’t know at that point if I had any though, although I was soon to discover that I did!


As soon as I started doing the shaking exercise the rage in my body that I didn’t even know I still had began to rise up and I couldn’t shake enough and

after we stopped and shared our experiences and it was at that point I knew for the first time why I was there.


It was so liberating to speak my truth, say exactly what I wanted to without holding back, without feeling judged, to cry and feel heard all by women.


Little did I know the third session would turn out to be the concluding element to my four year healing journey from child sex abuse.


Our first exercise was to smash up something or shout and scream; whatever we felt compelled to do to release our anger. I went up first and couldn’t believe how there was still so much anger in side of me! I smashed my cups up with such emotion that I nearly broke my rolling pin!!


I was chosen to do Tahsha Renee’s forgiveness process in front of the class.

I had really felt over the last couple of days that I needed to forgive the man who had abused me, despite having done so much of my own forgiveness with him along my healing journey, there still seemed to be an overwhelming feeling inside that I needed this exercise.Whilst I felt scared I also felt so supported and held so then the fear subsided.


I was absolutely blown away at the end of it, I called to my fellow sisters (as by that time we all felt that connection of sisterhood together) within the workshop to assist me during parts of the exercise; I felt so comfortable with them all and knew, even thought my eyes were closed, they were all there for me to help me; so empowering, so beautiful.


I know it sounds hard to believe but during the process I felt my entire body shift in energy and what seemed to me dimension too as I ascended onto another level way beyond the past and all its traumas. I knew I FINALLY was being re-born and could feel it instantly.


I was absolutely exhausted by the time I went to bed and slept like a baby which considering I hadn’t done so properly for 45 years; was bliss. Just before I fell asleep I remember feeling like my whole body was transforming and changing. I could feel myself LITERALLY changing form and was so excited to see what I would look like when I awoke the next day! I just knew I wouldn’t even recognize myself!


As I awoke the next day I could feel every part of my body hurting but knew it was an ache so positive and enlightening. I had spent 45 years holding on to this trauma so no wonder it felt the way it did after releasing it all.


When I looked in the mirror I was right; I didn’t recognize myself! I finally felt like a woman….so new and alive! As I went out in the car it felt like the world was vibrant and colourful, I could feel myself in a totally different energy.


The second day my skin felt different and I could see changes to my body shape. It certainly didn’t feel as heavy as it had the day before although I could sense muscle changes; they had spent so much time being tense they were now finally able to release and relax the way they should. My head felt lighter too and it was so wonderful to not have any thoughts, doubts, anxiety etc.  


I could sense a change in my mood too but on reflection realized it wasn’t a low mood it was just a stillness which was something quite odd to me, it was actually blissful. I could also see a further change in my face as I looked into the mirror for the second day.


On the third day I noticed a change in my voice, it continued to play me up all day and felt totally different by the end of it. I noticed my tongue changing too; I had had quite a few problems with it cracking and swelling but could see a gradual change and feel in that too, the edges where certainly more softer.


When I looked at myself in the mirror today I could see how beautiful I was without makeup and actually once I’d put it on (and that’s not a lot anyway) I wished I hadn’t!I could see changes in my tummy that day too and felt so different about it.


From all these changes I began to realize that my body was becoming more beautiful to me day by day as I began to feel more beautiful on the inside. I have since become so in tune with my body too; receiving downloads and insights into my soul’s purpose as well as beginning to consciously eat and make choices for myself by tuning into my body. I have also begun manifesting for myself, family and business. For the first time ever I really feel every bit of everything, see it as clear as day and have unwavering doubt about any of it.



I have continued to work with anything that has come up which in tune has only brought me closer and closer to feeling amazing about myself, who I am and the power and beauty I have as a women. I cannot be discouraged by others negative comments and can deal with the lows that life can sometimes through at us; so easily and calmly and they don’t effect me at all. Thoughts do not control me any longer and there is such a sense of peace within me it’s truly empowering.


I will always hold this experience along with the other ladies of the group, within my heart and will take the connections and experiences with me through the rest of my life.”










Renee Jeffery

  • Over a year of TMJ with Medication and a mouth guard completely gone.

  • Intoverted and shut down emotionally and dreading participating in the workshop only to go on to experience deep release of anger, grief and feeling peaceful everyday since.

  • Ex-husband has now also started to behave in a manner she has NEVER seen. Kind, respectful and helpful as a reflection of her releases.

"It took me a long time to realize my emotions, especially my unexpressed emotions, had manifested in my body.


I had been through so many traumas: from childhood and relationship abuse to the quick succession of parental deaths, that my body just couldn’t keep up with me and 12 months ago started to show severe signs of unwellness.


Whilst my mind seemed ok, my body clearly wasn’t. It took some time but divinely I found the Women's Sacred Rage program and It was the healing and release of a lifetime of stored up anger, grief and pain I had searched and wished for.


It’s been a life changing course and will continue to change my life as I use the learned practices to release further wounds and any new trauma that comes up.


A month ago I feared that I was on a knives edge, that one more tough life circumstance would break me for good. I no longer feel this, I no longer feel alone. I know I can, and will handle anything that is thrown my way. This is the gift bestowed to me from the workshop along with the enormous physical healing my body has done since I participated.


We owe it to ourselves to seek healing and this is one of many beautiful ways to achieve it."

Renee Jeffery










Rhia Luna-Fae

  • Reconnected with her inner child 

  • No longer is a people pleaser and easily sets/sticks to boundaries

  • Lives her life full out with no fear of judgement

  • Loves herself unconditionally




"The Women's Sacred Rage progam" has changed my life!!!!   


I had no idea how much emotional trauma, stagnant energy and deep seated conditioning I had, until I attended this workshop a few weeks ago.


Having the wonderful facilitators create such a safe, warm, loving environment alongside my fellow attendees, I could release the anger I was unknowingly repressing!


This incredible woman held such space for me to be unapologetically authentic.


We laughed, cried, shared and burnt away the shame together.

Without the usual judgement /projection of fear, we were able to transmute our pain into something beautiful, rising up like phoenix's from the flames 


As women we're made to feel as though there is something "distasteful" about being outspoken, free spirited, hormonal, angry, passionate, emotional, sexual, sensual, contradictory and raw.


I had to work on triggers as far back as my childhood to recognise where the conditioning began, where I was first criticised for being "too intense".


Once I could work with my inner child, and give her the love/space she deserved, I realised that it was perfectly natural (and necessary) to express myself freely.


It also dawned on me why I am so passionate that I facilitate the same empathy/emotional space with my son, the patterns end here.


All it took was one weekend with this amazing workshop, showing up and being my authentic self!!


The subsequent "shift" that has taken place during and afterwards, has brought forward so much love, positivity, abundance and clarity.

I am forever grateful for your incredible support and inspiration ladies "



renee jeffrey.jpg










  • No more panic attacks at night 

  • Made over $3400 in 10 days after the course

  • Started with overwhelming short fused anger about to explode to feeling more aligned with clarity nothing blocking energy anymore

  • Self worth gone up 100%

  • Two people have come forward and apologized to her regarding how they had treated her in the past




"Before I took the Women's Sacred Rage program, I felt like something had been blocking my energy for pretty much most of my life.


When I was a child I was always told that I needed to be quiet, not to get excited (even about fun and exciting things) and not to cry.


Several years ago I had been dealing with a huge amount of anger and rage, after diet changes it went away then

it started cropping up again in small ways (just anger and not rage).


I was feeling anger, just small amounts and over just very small stupid things such as having my arms too full and dropping something, waiting on hold on the phone, having my keys get caught in the bottom of my purse or running out of flour because I did not plan ahead. So, I would be impatient and mad and mutter obscenities to myself.


I was afraid if I continued to ignore it rather than work on it, that one day I would possibly explode. So, when I heard about this workshop I signed up without hesitation.


Yes, this workshop is intense as you are going through it, but you get to be a part of this most amazing community of other women going through it with you so you feel safe and brave enough to do so. 


After the workshop the shifts have been most profound. 

I feel more aligned and in balance now

I have a lot more clarity about things in general now than I did before and

I have had two people come forward and apologize to me regarding how they had treated me in the past - this is because my self worth has gone up 100%,.

I can also now think about people and scenarios from the past and think about the good things that have happened when before this workshop there were certain people I could only think about the bad things that have happened and never the good. 


I have stopped having panic attacks at night when I am trying to sleep.

I don't have guilt when spending money now because I just have faith that all will be provided for and I have been making more money and manifesting some amazing things such as:

Free classes, workshops, meditations, programs and more along with a free photo shoot for my business, a free logo for my business and plus other business opportunities have come my way. 


This course has been absolutely remarkable and life changing. Tahsha Renee and Jacquelynne Faith are both truly amazing human beings. Thank you both so much. This work is so important because we are changing the world together! "










Lorraine Blackwell

  • Body released emotions that had been stored within her for a long time

  • Feels lighter, more energetic & has had the effect of more abundance coming to her in many forms

  • No longer afraid to speak her truth and was a people pleaser

  • Let go of limiting beliefs

  • More empowered

  • More confidence in self and healing abilities




"When a friend told me how life changing her experience had been in the Women's Sacred Rage program, I felt immediately drawn to give it a try.


I didn’t really know what to expect to begin with as I’m not really used to speaking so openly in front of other people but I was soon made to feel more at ease with the support of the group.


One of the things that helped me the most was when I was able to tell my story it was a very special healing experience to have these amazing women hold space for me while I spoke of what had caused me suffering.


Listening to the stories of the others & what they had been through also helped me a great deal. The genuine love & compassion from the other women who had signed up made such a big difference.


From this safe space I felt my body releasing emotion that had been stored within for a long time, something that still amazes me now today many months after the workshop is over.


Being a Healer I was always there to help others heal often ignoring my own needs. For the first time I was finally honoring myself and my needs. This has had a profound effect.


It has enabled me to feel lighter, more energetic & has had the effect of more abundance coming to me in many forms.


The exercises in this workshop were life changing and I will continue to do them as I move forwards and heal on even deeper level.


If you are ready to transition and shift this is the course for you - since taking it I am no longer afraid to speak my truth where as before I was rather a people pleaser.


This course has also helped me let go of limiting beliefs, I feel so much more self empowered. Old attachments that kept me playing small have flown free and enabled me to step more into my own light and I feel so much lighter as a result.


My confidence in myself and my healing abilities have been enhanced thanks to these two amazing women. I really can’t thank them enough.


For anyone who is considering taking this course I highly recommend it because for me it has been a life changer.


I’m so glad that I took the step. If you are ready to come alive and leave your past behind and live your life full out these are the women to guide you there."

Lorraine Blackwell














Julie King

  • Deep fear 

  • Healed herself in this workshop that years of therapy has not been able to do

  • Released years of pent up anger and trauma that was around since childhood 

  • Back on Spiritual path after 7 years away from it

  • Able to open up and be vulnerable again 

  • No longer feels alone and isolated 

  • Went from feeling like a lost cause to normal again, like she is living her best life and looking forward to what the future holds




"To be honest I didn't really know what the course involved. I just knew that it was about releasing pent up anger and I had shed loads of that which I had been holding onto since childhood. I impulsively signed up paid my fee and waited for the date.


I'll be honest though right up to the last minute my fear wanted me to run away and my anger didn't want to be released as it had been part of me for so long it was like I was afraid of how I would feel without this extra limb that been attached to me for so long....But I decided this anger and fear had taken enough of my life and it wasn't going to have any more of it.


6 or 7 years ago I walked away from my spiritual path due to feeling misguided and let down by spirit. I still prayed to the angels and sent my friends and loved ones healing but stopped doing angel card readings. 

Around that time I started to feel sad empty and like I had no direction but I hadn't put two and two together until the first workshop.


Tahsha Renee is one of the most loving and dedicated women I have ever come across. Her soul goal is to help women release whatever is holding them back and to set them free so that they can live life to their fullest potential.

She gently supports you through the process of releasing pent up anger but this course is not for the faint hearted. It is a very powerful and life changing course that was very very intense.


However with the support of Tahsha Renee and all the other ladies on the course I was able to open up be vulnerable and show what caused my anger and pain. 


As with any detox there will be physical symptoms but trust that it is all part of the process. I also had the covid jab the afternoon of the first workshop and boy did I feel unwell for over a week. I knew that the flu like symptoms and the aching were all side affects of the covid jab, but what I WASN'T expecting was the physical symptoms caused by the anger detox process. 


I had an upset stomach and I cried and cried and cried and had really intense back pain but I knew this was all part of the healing process so just went with it.


It was like the anger that I was trying to release was desperately clinging on to my body which for years it had become a part of....But with each workshop I released more anger and more emotions and I felt so much empathy for the beautiful ladies that were on my course as they too told their stories and started their detox process as well.


I have always felt very much alone and isolated with my emotional pain and pent up anger but here I was with a group of beautiful women opening up and being totally vulnerable. Connecting on a soul level and feeling so supported with the help of the women in the group and the two amazing ladies who ran the workshops.


After years of feeling alone and helpless I was finally releasing what I had gripped onto so tightly for years. Here we were together online connecting on a soul level and opening up to the darkest depths of our beings but feeling loved supported but most of all SAFE. 


I have spent YEARS in therapy since I was in my late teens trying to get to the source of my unhappiness but when I did just ONE of the exercises in this workshop there it was the source like a bright beacon shining like a bright star.


I realized I was unhappy because I was holding onto anger and pain from childhood and I had walked away from the one thing that could help me, my spiritual path.


With Tahsha guiding us and supporting us each step of the way she helped me and everyone to unravel our anger so that we could finally release it once and for all and find some inner peace.


When I started the course my head and emotions were all over the place and I felt totally overwhelmed that I was beyond help and was going to be screwed up and useless for the rest of my sad existence.


Now I feel that I am not a lost cause and with the tools that Tahsha gave us I can now release anger as it comes up so it doesn't cause me anymore od the scary physical symptoms.


I hope to work with this amazing lady in the future with other workshops as she makes you feel safe and guided and I can't think of another more beautiful soul that I would rather be vulnerable with when going through a healing process.


I feel that every woman and even man in this world could benefit from the powerful lessons  have to teach in fact my only regret is that I didn't meet you sooner so that I hadn't wasted so many years being unhappy.


This workshop is truly inspirational... a course which is truly is worth every penny paid, every tear cried, and is truly life has a way of setting you free from the chains of the past.


I now feel not just normal again but that I am living my best life and look forward to what the future holds.


I also look forward to working with you in the future and I hope that through my healing I will be able to bring your workshops to the UK so that I can help to heal others just like you've helped me.


I can't thank you enough you are changing mine and others lives one workshop at a time."

Julie King

















  • Dealt with dormant anger and trauma that came up

  • Able to set boundaries and stick to them now

  • Able to easily let go of people and situations no longer in alignment with

  • Self worth back up to 100%



"I was drawn to this workshop but had no idea why because it was about letting go of anger and I thought well ‘I’m not an Angry Person’ and have no real anger to let go off but I have wanted to have connections with like minded spirited woman and thought, well if that is what I get out of this then so be it I am in!


Well… that was where I was wrong.


Listening to the other woman tell their remarkable stories I was still unsure what my purpose was in this group because other than a few arguments with parents I was fairly unscathed. 

I mean I have been hurt in love but felt I had relatively got to 45 ok!


Again so I thought…



Listening to the ladies on the second day triggered some stuff I filled 6 pages of my notebook with that has laid dormant in my head/heart/soul….


Given the space to say it out loud, space to witness it for what it was and let it go was.....Wow just wow…


So for us, the ones with seemingly NO anger issues, you may in fact may have some to let go after all…


Allowing space / Given Space – it’s a beautiful thing and so healing!!


Letting go of ‘stuff’ that no longer serves me was the best thing ever and witnessing other woman doing this too and growing together was awesome!


After the first day of the workshop I had some other stuff that came up like my own feeling of self-worth within the group and being in a safe environment I was able to confront this and deal with it.....AMAZING!!


I am now able to set very clear boundaries with people and when they overstepp them I am able to stand up and put them straight again.


I was also able to let go of the WHO/WHAT that doesn’t support my highest vibration knowing it was ok to close doors completely and move on… 


Absolutely worth every penny and second you gift yourself with taking this workshop!!! EVERY WOMAN SHOUD DO THIS!!!


I have cleared so much and it is awesome!! 


Thank you so much to you both and all the amazing woman I have now connected with for the journey to continue!"















Sarah Lee

  • Went from hiding her anger, denying how much something hurt her, failing to vent when she needed to, too having a VOICE to express her feelings and the freedom to feel it with ENCOURAGEMENT AND UNDERSTANDING

  • Able to integrate feelings of rejection, frustration, and being silenced into POWER and EFFORT

  • Manifested a new job

  • Energy returned 

  • Feel more whole and strong



"Tahsha's Anger Embrace Workshop landed in front of me RIGHT at a time when I most needed it. 


I'd just had a bad breakup and was left feeling helpless, confused, and upset. 


I'd historically hid my anger, or denying how much something hurt me, failing to vent when I needed to and using my soft nature to forgive and forget, but this workshop not only gave me the VOICE to EXPRESS these feelings in a candid and safe way, it gave me the freedom to feel it with ENCOURAGEMENT AND UNDERSTANDING! This was such a healing space for me. 


Over the two week period, I found that like magic, I was able to integrate feelings of rejection, frustration, and being silenced into POWER and EFFORT in a positive way! 


In a matter of weeks, I manifested a new job, my energy started to return, and I was able to step forward WITH this anger as part of my experiences and wisdom. I was no longer denying the presence of this and to this day, feel more whole and strong with these experiences having been processed and held by such STRONG, ALIGNED, AND CONFIDENCE FEMALE LEADS! 


I've never experienced a workshop like it and would HIGHLY recommend if you are in the slight bit feeling drawn towards it - say YES - you will get SO MUCH from it!"

Sarah Lee


















  • Able to forgive herself 

  • Got to see her passed on Father and Grandfather

  • Connected and healed deeply in sisterhood 



"My experience with the Women's Sacred Rage program is nothing short of amazing it came at the perfect time in my life.


I had very much anger left in me because I have done a lot of internal work on myself throughout the years however what I found to be true was that my anger had turned into more of a grief and I learned that anger is a secondary emotion and that it can manifest in different ways and it’s like an onion and you have to peel them layer by layer.


I was able to forgive myself for situations that were out of my control and look at them from a different perspective.


I got to connect with amazing women and create sister hood that I will cherish for a lifetime.


I got to Watch and witness other women slaves change and learn different tools that I get to utilize throughout my hardships.


I especially liked the Reiki and guided meditation on the last day because when I got to do that exercise I was greeted by my grandfather and dad who have been passed away now for years and it was very nice to see them at peace with smiles on their faces and a light and happiness in their eyes.


I have nothing but love and respect for this workshop and I hope many more women get to experience it the way I did. "

Kayla Renee’

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